PeopleSoft Services

As a longtime Oracle Gold Partner, Symphony has been providing PeopleSoft implementations, upgrades, and managed services to health systems for more than 20 years.


PeopleSoft Continuous Delivery has been available for several years. Organizations that have upgraded to 9.2 and have implemented effective Continuous Delivery strategies are experiencing significant benefits, including saving time and money. In general, customizations are down.

To reap the full benefits of the PeopleSoft Continuous Delivery model, find an experienced partner. Symphony offers a complete line of services, from developing a Selective Adoption strategy, to evaluating and managing PUM image releases.

Continuous Delivery Strategy Development

Organizations require a Continuous Delivery strategy that works best for their needs. This may be a new concept, and with it, comes a new mindset. Without upgrades, PeopleSoft is more agile. Also, updates are released more frequently, which can make it easier to adopt new features. But this also means organizations need a strategy and a time-tested approach to evaluating and handling frequent updates.

PUM Image Release Evaluation and Management

With frequent changes and a model of continuous delivery, the PeopleSoft landscape requires that organizations stay informed. Gone are the days of waiting years for new upgrades and features. Having a Continuous Delivery partner such as Symphony Corporation helps keep business leaders and IT staff up-to-date on new features and functionality.


The application of major or minor PeopleTools releases can be a daunting task for organizations. Symphony’s extensive experience and expertise can help to ensure minimal impact to an organization’s business. With Symphony’s help, organizations can quickly maximize the new features of the release. Symphony can assist with PeopleTools releases which can affect many aspects of the infrastructure supporting PeopleSoft.

  • New feature readiness
    • Continuous improvement provides many new ways to use PeopleSoft. Understanding how to use, how to implement, and what to leverage is one of Symphony’s strengths.
  • Adoption of delivered features
  • Implementation of new technology
    • Oracle continues to invest in new technology. Understanding how to leverage the new technology and the impact on the operation is critical for success.
  • Maintaining production support while upgrading the development and testing instances
  • Compliance with cybersecurity needs
  • Upgrading infrastructure in parallel with daily operations
  • Application security updates

The PeopleTools updates are more than just the technical aspects and infrastructure that support PeopleSoft. They are the fundamental components of how data is viewed, processed and leveraged in a logical manner to make critical decisions.  Symphony can help organizations understand, implement, and take advantage of new functions and features.

PeopleSoft Security

Organizations change, whether through restructuring, growth, or mergers and acquisitions. As a result, changes to application security are necessary. Along with continuous improvement, the application extension of the many components of PeopleSoft application security can result in a large and complex security model in an organization. Historically, organizations often planned on security refreshes during upgrades. With upgrades no longer a part of the Oracle model, security maintenance and management is often left out of application management.

Symphony is relied upon by many customers to review, recommend and implement PeopleSoft security improvements:

  • Identify duplication or overlapping of access
  • Recommend best practices for security management
  • Improve security change durations

Symphony can assist organizations with security needs in support of:

  • Segregation of duties, reviews, and compliance
  • Security audits
  • Acquisitions and mergers

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