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SymphonyCare – A Platform + Services Approach to Population Health

Symphony supports SymphonyCare, an end-to-end population health management solution, that features not only care coordination technology, but also services proven to effectively manage at-risk and high-utilization patients. SymphonyCare’s technology can be used to teach clients best practices in care management. SymphonyCare can also leverage its own care managers to manage its clients’ populations using tested workflows under a gain-sharing model. In other words, SymphonyCare shares in a client’s risk, and feels comfortable doing so due to a track record of reducing hospitalizations, readmissions, and ER visits.

SymphonyCare is ideal for any organization looking to accelerate progress toward an accountable care model by using a best-of-breed technology tool and an experienced managed care services provider.

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HighFive Rx – The Next Step in Medication Management

Symphony’s supports HighFive Rx, a medication management solution that combines holistic risk stratification with real-time clinical decision support (CDS) and an intuitive user interface, visual dashboard and electronic consults, while eliminating double documentation and typical CDS workflow inefficiencies.

HighFive Rx is the only system of its kind, as it is designed and developed by practicing pharmacists who continue to use it daily in their practices. They’ve been using the technology for years and have proof that it optimizes clinical pharmacy workload and improves transitions of care communication.

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Intellivisit – A 24/7 Online Clinic for Your Patients

Symphony supports Intellivisit, a next-generation telemedicine solution that can diagnose your symptoms, provide a treatment plan, and order a prescription or help you schedule a visit with a doctor if necessary. Symphony representatives will even follow up to make sure you got exactly what you needed a few days later. Our goal is to make patients feel better as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Unlike traditional symptom checkers, which feature a fixed set of questions, Intellivisit is an interactive experience that will uniquely tailor questions in real-time according to how patients describe their symptoms. And unlike traditional telehealth services, there is no need to video or voice chat with a clinician, which means the system can be used anywhere and any time. There’s no need to find a quiet or private space just to chat with a physician. With a patient’s permission, the system reads your the clinical record and health risk assessment first, so interaction starts fully informed of the patient’s history, conditions, and preferences.

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GPO+ – Delivering a Better Healthcare Supply Chain

Symphony supports the GPO+ platform solution which brings hospitals and suppliers onto a single platform, enabling commerce between hospitals and suppliers. Hospitals use the solution to manage their daily supply chain operations, and suppliers leverage the platform to generate revenues and collaborate with hospitals.

GPO+ technology, rather than disrupting the existing supply chain ecosystem, enhances the operations and partnerships already in place to make both healthcare providers and their suppliers more efficient.