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Symphony Labs

Symphony Labs, Symphony’s innovation division, quickly translates concepts to commercially viable products

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The Symphony Labs Innovation Model

Symphony invests a significant percentage of its resources in product innovation and development. Symphony has been a trusted innovation partner with nationally recognized health systems, and has a history of building and incubating cutting-edge technology solutions. Its primary areas of focus have been population health and care management, comprehensive medication management, big data analytics, predictive, real-time decision support tools, telemedicine, and patient engagement tools.

Under this model Symphony leverages its partnership with health systems to identify and co-develop innovative products and services that are market-viable. Symphony co-invests with its partners in building a commercially viable product in a short time frame, which offers a time-to-market advantage and minimizes risk. Symphony shares the risk and rewards of the venture with its clients.

Mature product development processes

Working relationships with leading healthcare organizations

Seed funding and access to growth-stage partners

How It Works

The Symphony Innovation Process

Recent Symphony Labs Projects

Comprehensive Medication Management

Symphony developed a SaaS-based comprehensive medication management systems for HighFiveRx, which includes medication reconciliation and workflow optimization by aggregating medication information from multiple provider sources—both ambulatory and inpatient clinical data. The system then identifies and scores at-risk patients and generates a single, continuous medication narrative and care plan. Symphony continues to enhance the platform and helps HighFive with data loading, data management and EMR integration. Contact Symphony to learn more →

Telemedicine Application

Intellivisit offers a “digital front door” to primary healthcare—connecting people to the right care and enabling better-informed decision making for both clinicians and patients. As your personal on-demand doctor, IntellIvist is better, faster, and cheaper than going to see the doctor. Symphony built the MVP+ and continues to build and enhance features for this next-generation telehealth product. Contact Symphony to learn more →

Population Health Management and Analytics Platform

Symphony developed a state-of-the-art population health management platform—Influence Health “Care Navigator”—for holistic care management to assist health organizations excel in the new payment model environment. This platform identifies high-risk patients and coordinates care for those cases while integrating the care management workflow across care teams. Contact Symphony to learn more →

Private Health Insurance Exchange and Marketplace

Symphony developed the first-generation Health Insurance Exchange solution and insurance marketplace for Liazon Corporation. The solution provides personalized tools and decision support to assist individuals in selecting employer-funded benefits. Liazon was acquired by Towers Watson in Nov. 2013. Contact Symphony to learn more →

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