Intellivisit – A Next-generation Telemedicine Solution

Leverage a new symptom-checking technology to improve health outcomes and optimize resource allocation

Intellivisit – A 24/7 Online Clinic for Your Patients

Symphony supports Intellivisit, a next-generation telemedicine solution can diagnose your symptoms, provide a treatment plan, and order a prescription or help you schedule a visit with a doctor if necessary. Symphony representatives will even follow up to make sure you got exactly what you needed a few days later. Our goal is to make patients feel better as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Unlike traditional symptom checkers, which feature a fixed set of questions, Intellivisit is an interactive experience that will uniquely tailor questions in real-time according to how patients describe their symptoms. And unlike traditional telehealth services, you don’t need to video or voice chat with a clinician, which means you can use the system anywhere and any time. There’s no need to find a quiet or private space just to chat with a physician. With a patient’s permission, the system reads your the clinical record and health risk assessment first, so interaction starts fully informed of the patient’s history, conditions, and preferences.

The system asks easy, answerable questions about about a patient’s symptoms

Am Intellivisit clinician reviews symptoms, and the patient awaits diagnosis

If the condition can be treated virtually, Intellivisit will send a full treatment plan

If the condition cannot be treated virtually, Intellivisit will schedule the appropriate follow-up

Intellivisit Benefits

Business Growth

The Intellivisit mobile application and pricing models are focused on generating new business for health systems through lower cost and greater convenience.

Cost Reduction

Intellivisit lowers the cost of a primary care visit and can cut unnecessary, higher-cost urgent care and ED visits with more timely diagnosis and access to care.

Patient Engagement

By creating user-friendly channels to patients to get care on their own terms, the system supports patient acquisition and retention strategies for system-aligned primary care practices.

Network Performance

Intellivisit’s integrated scheduling exchange channels patients into system-defined networks based on variables including outcomes and cost performance.

Health Systems Served Over Two Decades


Typical Savings with Onsite/Offsite Model


Typical Savings with Global Delivery Model

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