GPO+ for Healthcare Supply Chain Management

A one-stop, vendor-neutral shop for maximizing revenue and minimizing costs

GPO+ – Delivering a Better Healthcare Supply Chain

Symphony supports the GPO+ platform solution which brings hospitals and suppliers onto a single platform, enabling commerce between hospitals and suppliers. Hospitals use the solution to manage their daily supply chain operations, and suppliers leverage the platform to generate revenues and collaborate with hospitals.

GPO+ technology, rather than disrupting the existing supply chain ecosystem, enhances the operations and partnerships already in place to make both healthcare providers and their suppliers more efficient.

Born in the cloud, built with the the latest, most secure, and most scalable technologies

Instant access to a virtual item master and a global database for products and suppliers

Real-time recommendations related to revenues and costs through data science

Create price checks for multiple products and get the best price delivered to you

Why Use GPO+ as a Healthcare Provider?

Optimize Existing Supply Chain Systems

The GPO+ platform works with your current systems, people, and processes rather than replacing them. Whether you have PeopleSoft, Oracle, Lawson, SAP, Meditech, Aperek, Prodigo, or others, GPO+ helps you make your IT investments perform more profitably.

Affordable Subscription Pricing

Take advantage of a one-of-a-kind SaaS platform through affordable monthly subscription plans. Find the right plan, or work with Symphony to create a custom solution to fit your health system’s needs.

Cost Savings for Providers and Suppliers

GPO+ is vendor-neutral. Instead of promoting one supplier over all others, the GPO+ platform finds cost savings opportunities for hospitals throughout their supply chains, connecting them directly to the supplier that best meets their specific needs.

Why Use GPO+ as a Healthcare Supplier?

Stay Ahead of the Market

State-of-the-art demand forecasting and big data analytics provide you with real-time, actionable intelligence. Quickly respond to changing market dynamics in order to make short- and long-term adjustments to better serve your clients.

Regain Control of Revenues

As a supplier, the control is back in your hands with GPO+. Target individual hospitals, hospital systems, and IDNs with precise pricing and promotions, and dynamically respond to shifts in demand.

Streamline Communication

Stop purchasing multiple databases for healthcare decision makers that are typically outdated as soon as they are published, and eliminate the costly need to update internal CRM systems. Instead, use GPO+ to target decision makers of your choice as often as you need.

Health Systems Served Over Two Decades


Typical Savings with Onsite/Offsite Model


Typical Savings with Global Delivery Model

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