Find Value in Your Clinical Data

The power of Symphony’s Applied Clinical Analytics data management model lies in a simple but powerful concept: the importance of focusing on the accuracy and availability of the underlying data, first and foremost.

The Clinical Analytics Data Management Challenge

Your healthcare enterprise may have the tools and data you need, but it’s likely that there are serious problems with your data. Data mart proliferation from systems like EHR, ERP, population health platforms, BI and others can leave you with an inflexible model that serves neither your clinical nor IT needs.

Data integrity problems persist as an ongoing issue for healthcare providers. What data integrity essentially means is that the data is accurate and hasn’t been wrongfully altered in any way. Inaccurate data has the potential to become major health risks for patients and a huge liability for providers, leading to such issues as fraud, abuse, data loss, incorrect or incomplete care.

Symphony’s Applied Clinical Analytics Data Management Model


We create one master reference source for the clinical data of your healthcare enterprise, by creating a logical and physical “layer of sanity” between your existing transactional systems, and your clinical, operational, and leadership workforce.


We create problem lists for disease and prevention bundles, resulting in cost savings and improved patient outcomes. With a few relatively straightforward data improvements for key chronic disease populations, even the most sophisticated health systems can reap millions of dollars in benefits.


We close the loop on problematic conditions. Designing a digital safety net to automate processes that would otherwise suffer low reliability and efficiency. The digital safety net often revolves around building processes to identify abnormal test results accompanied by lack of appropriate treatment or follow-up


We develop a business process oriented, iterative, re-usable, sustainable framework for rapid transformation. We work with clients to develop a comprehensive story of all diseases, conditions, and interactions at the point of care, and make sure all levels of the care team has access to this story.

5 Things to Know About the Clinical Analytics Data Management Challenge

1. The EHR revolution has created immense promise for improved patient outcomes and reduced costs but most healthcare organizations are struggling to experience significant benefits.

2. It’s likely their are significant problems with your data.

3. Clinical analytics software solutions are only as useful as the data that goes into them.

4. Smart data not big data rules the day.

5. A solution: Applied Clinical Analytics, a data first approach.

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The Symphony Difference


More data is not always better in clinical analysis. Smart data and not big data is what carries the day.


We provide free assessments, and then get paid only on delivery of proposed solutions.


No new FTE’s or software solutions are required. Our focus is on existing tools and data.


We work with health systems in a shared risk model that mirrors the emerging accountable care model.

Getting Started is Easy!

Give our experts access to a dataset for two weeks.

You receive a report with actionable results.

Pay nothing for the assessment. Pay at well-defined milestones.

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