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VIDEO: Healthcare IT in 60 Seconds – January 2017 Edition


Welcome to the January twenty-seventeen episode of Symphony Corporation’s “Healthcare IT in Sixty Seconds.” Here, you’ll get a sixty-second survey of news and events in healthcare information technology. With one minute on the clock, let’s go!

{marker} Tennessee-based WPC Healthcare recently partnered with Todd Gary, director of Middle Tennessee State University’s data science institute, to improve sepsis treatment. The relationship involved gathering data pertaining to sepsis cases to establish evidence-based care models that reduce the severity of sepsis cases and save lives.

{marker} Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta achieved a major milestone when it became the first Georgia hospital to achieve H-I-M-M-S Analytics Stage 7 certification. This recognition marks the hospital’s’ deep commitment to using modern data technologies to improve patient care and drive operational efficiency.

{marker} Florida Hospital announced plans to partner with Walgreens to offer 15 community clinics housed in the private pharmacy chain. The goal is to reach a wider range of patients across the Tampa area while still maintaining services within the Florida Hospital health network.

Modern technologies are making strategies like Florida Hospital’s community care goal possible by simplifying data integration and coordination across care locations.

That’s it for this month! Check out the links below to learn more and visit Symphony Corp dot com to send us ideas for the next episode.

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